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The Weathering Process

Time wears all things. Literally taken, weathering is an aspect of the elements, but not without time. Weathering then is the process by which things in our world, and the world itself, are in the process of becoming. In appreciating this process, one becomes aware of the signs of surviving age, stress, life, the toll of an ordeal or accomplishment, and existence itself. Through weathering a compelling narrative unfolds.

Each of our customized garments represents the unique storms we’ve weathered. They reflect our trials (rips, tears, and stains – some caused naturally while others self-imposed) as well as our triumphs (how we choose to rock ‘em). EVERYTHING that has happened to you has BECOME a beautiful part of YOU. It is the GOOD that GOD promised would ALL WORK TOGETHER.

We’re WEATHERED, but we’re NOT WORN.

We are WEATHERED, but we are NOT WORN...

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