The Suntoasted Pencil Brim Fine Straw Hat

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THE RANCHER HAT WITH A VINTAGE-INSPIRED PENCIL ROLL BRIM... Handwoven of 100% Fine Palm Leaf Straw that is organic, re-shapable, & water-shedding. The quality of our palm leaf hats is unmatched!

Featuring an inclusive design that is unisex & universally flattering. The new design features the same wide brim as the rancher with a vintage-inspired Pencil Roll Brim.

This hat is painstakingly handmade, setting it apart from factory-made hats. Each hat is handwoven using ancient artisan traditions and takes 3-4 weeks to make. The straw is slowly toasted in the warm Mexican sun, giving it a one-of-a-kind caramel hue.

What can you expect? A superior quality hat made of the finest palm which is thick, moldable -- not the thin, crackly, & shiny plastic palm that most hat makers offer. One can FEEL the difference in the quality once you see, touch, and WEAR it! As with any purely organic material, it only gets more beautiful with each wear.